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About Elev8 DESK K-9 Program

Elev8 DESK K-9 Program is located in the annex at Hume Elementary School in beautiful Nelson, BC. We are a dynamic, student-centered online learning program with families from across the province and in from our own east and west Kootenay regions.

Our program is blended at the K-3 level offering both paper-based and digital media resources. Curriculum for Grades 4-9 are offered through our secure online learning platform. We continue to review and revise all course content and learning resources to ensure that we are on the leading edge when it comes to the BC Curriculum focus on Indigenization, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

We are an online school that operates from September to June, and provides three formal learning updates and regular informal feedback to students and their families throughout the school year.

Our K-9 program aims to provide well-resourced support for all parents/caregivers and to build a strong learning community with all of our families!

TO REGISTER: Please download and complete the fillable K-9 Elev8 DESK Program Registration Form and return via email.

For more information about our program, please contact us.