Draft Policy

Policy Field Testing

Policies posted for field testing:

To propose a new policy or policy revision, please complete and submit a Policy Pro-Forma.

The following excerpt from Policy 160 describes the policy creation and modification processes:

POLICY 160: Policy Development

The Board of Education for School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) believes that one of its primary functions is to set policy in accordance with both local circumstances and provincial directions.

A main responsibility of the Board in its governance of education programs for students and district operations is the determination of policies which direct the management of the School District’s human, physical, and financial resources.

The Board’s objective in establishing policy is to provide direction and guidance in the operation of the School District and its schools. Policy will generally be broad enough to allow discretionary action, yet specific enough to provide clear direction to those responsible for implementing policy decisions of the Board.

The Board believes that input from stakeholder groups is a critical part of the policy development process and contributes to the successful implementation of most policies.

Through the Guidelines in this policy, the Board will employ a systematic process to develop and amend policy for the school district. Although the Board is ultimately responsible for policy development, consultation for development of policy shall, wherever practicable and appropriate, include staff; parents; students; and other interested individuals, and legal, if required.

Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains current and relevant. Upon adoption of new policy or amendments to policy by the Board, staff have the authority for immediate implementation.


1. Development of New Policy

1.1. Any individual, group, trustee or staff member may present suggestions for new Board policy or revision of an existing Board policy.

1.2.    The suggested policy or policy revision shall be presented to the Board on the pro-forma form available at the Board office for that purpose.

1.3.    The Board shall determine whether there is a need for the policy or revision, and if the pro-forma is approved, the pro-forma shall be forwarded to the superintendent.

1.4.    The Superintendent shall develop a draft Policy for consideration by the Policy and Governance Committee.

1.5.    After review and revision by the Policy and Governance Committee, the draft policy shall be approved by the Board to be field tested for four (4) weeks by providing copies to those groups or individuals directly
          affected by the policy. Generally, a draft is circulated to all schools, work sites, employee groups, Parent Advisory Council, District Parent Advisory Council and any other individuals or groups as determined by
          the Policy and Governance Committee.

          1.5.1.    Feedback will be returned to the Superintendent who shall then make revisions to the draft policy, if needed.

          1.5.2.    The feedback and revisions will be provided for the consideration of the Policy and Governance Committee.

          1.5.3.    When the initial draft requires extensive revision, a revised draft may be recirculated for four (4) additional weeks. Feedback will be returned to the Superintendent who shall then make revisions to the
                       draft policy, if needed.

          1.5.4.    Where feedback consists of spelling, formatting, grammar and minor wording suggestions, the revised policy may be forwarded directly to the Board for approval.

1.6.    The Policy and Governance Committee shall present a finalized draft policy to the Board for approval.


2.    Revision of Policy

2.1.    Policy revision shall follow the same procedures as in policy development commencing at the step described in 1.0 above.

2.2.    Policy revisions which are routine and are essentially book keeping in nature may be amended without field testing.


3.    Administrative Procedures

3.1.    Administrative Procedures may be developed and issued by the Superintendent to clarify the implementation of policy.

3.2.    It is the responsibility of district staff to consult appropriately in the development of procedures, and make them available for the Board’s information.


4.    Suspension of Policies

4.1.    In special circumstances, the operation of any section or sections of Board policy not bound by law or contract may be temporarily suspended by a two thirds majority vote of the Board.