Student Transportation

Welcome students, teachers, friends, associates and families to School District 8 - Kootenay Lake, Operations & Transportation. 

The Board of Trustees expects that every person using the District Bus Service will ensure that each bus trip is a safe and pleasant experience for all passengers and the driver. 

All students requesting bus service privileges must register annually. Students eligible for the district bussing service will be awarded a seat on the bus, if registered before the deadline of June 10 2022. Students not eligible for the district bussing service (courtesy riders) may be granted a seat on the bus after all eligible students are placed and only if there is an extra seat available on a set run.  

Online Bus Registration 2022/2023: 

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2022/23 detailed bus route information:

Zonar Bus Pass

Students must scan their pass each time they enter onto or exit off the bus. In the event we have a missing child the transportation department can look up the location of where the student entered and exited the bus in real time.  Bus Passes also provide the school with an accurate list of riders, should the bus be involved in an emergency. 

Read the Bus Pass FAQs

Contact Information

Contact the Operations office in your area to speak with a Transportation staff member.

SD8 Nelson Operations

SD8 Creston Operations

90 Lakeside Drive
Nelson, BC V1L 6B9
Phone: 250 354-4871
Fax: 250-354-4255
1427 Northwest Blvd
Creston, BC V0B 1G6
Phone: 250 428-5329
Fax: 250-428-9917





The mailing address for both Nelson and Creston Operations is: 811 Stanley St.  Nelson BC  V1L 1N8

School Bus Route Delay Information: 

Delays of more than 15 minutes will be posted on the following:

  • Announcements on the SD8 Website
  • Announcements on the School Website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • Schoolkit Hub App on your cell phone - find out more: Download the App