Adult Education Program

Explore your Options for Upgrading or Graduation.

Learn at home, at your own pace, on your own time with DESK’s Adult Education Program

Ungraduated Adult

You have not graduated from high school and wish to complete courses for credit toward your BC Dogwood Diploma.  You are 18 years old. There is no tuition cost. 

You may have credit for some courses you took in high school or with a college course. We would need to see your transcript(s) to determine any credits you may have earned. In addition, you may acquire external credits, equivalency credits, or challenge a course to meet your Adult Education program requirements.

You can take grade 12 courses you would find interesting or useful or that meet requirements for a post-secondary program. Food & Nutrition 12  & Family Studies 12 are two good options if you have been out of school for a while. Note that many grade 12 courses have no prerequisites. If you have been working, you may be able to get credit for Work Experience 12.

You must be 18 years old at a minimum to begin (not end) your courses and a BC resident. Students younger than 18 years of age cannot enroll in the Adult Graduation Program. Provincial exams are optional for students on the Adult Graduation Program.

Adult Graduation Program Courses*

You will need a total of 5 courses to graduate:
  1. English 12 or Communications 12
  2. A Mathematics 11 or 12 (3 choices) or  Accounting 11
  3. Plus 3 grade 12 courses

*Three of the five courses must be completed after you turn 18 years old and enroll in the Adult Graduation Program, and 2 can be carried over from your secondary school. A student who is 18 years old, and/or has been out of school for at least a year may be admitted to the DESK Adult Graduation Program with approval.

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Graduated Adult

You are a high school graduate looking to pick up missed and/or update courses to advance your career, or just want to take a course out of interest. DESK is here to meet your needs.  As of September 1, 2017, the course fee requirement was rescinded by the B.C. Ministry of Education and there are no fees for graduated adults doing approved Ministry upgrade courses.  🙂


Many adults find themselves in a career situation where minor, or significant, upgrading is required. DESK has the expertise to help you find the career upgrade path most suited to your situation, and develop an educational plan to help you meet your goals.

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Non-Tuition Courses

After You Choose Courses, What Next?

Once you have determined the course(s), you want to take you can begin the registration process. You can register at any time of the year!

1. Complete the registration form — click here.
2. Upload the required documents as indicated.
3. Complete the first assignment for the course!