Skills Needed to do a DL course

Distributed Learning or learning online offers all kinds of benefits for high school and adult learners. Online courses are flexible, allowing students to complete courses at their own pace, and on their own schedule. Learning online offers students balance, choice, and options that might not be available in a neighbourhood ‘bricks and mortar’school or college.

Online learning, however, is not for everyone. Before you sign up to do an online course, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you an independent learner?

One of the best things about online learning is that you have the flexibility to complete a course without having to schedule regular classes into your life. The downside of this, of course, is that you don’t have a teacher directing what you do each day. Most successful students in online courses are those who are comfortable with learning independently, who can make decisions for themselves, and who can follow the directions provided in a course without needing a teacher to explain each step.

 Would you like to become an independent learner? 

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

2. Are you goal oriented?

Many people are drawn to the flexibility of online courses without realizing how much self-motivation it takes to learn this way. Successful online learners tend to be goal oriented and to be able to work steadily through a course.

Would you like to be the kind of person who sets goals and knows how to meet those goals? 

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.


3. Can you set deadlines for yourself?

An important part of being self-motivated is being able to set deadlines for yourself. Students who can create a schedule for their learning and stick to that schedule are far more successful in online courses.

 Would you like to become the kind of person who can set deadlines and meet those deadlines? 

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

4. Can you manage your time well?

Most successful online learners set aside time regularly to work on their courses. They know they can’t neglect a course for two or three weeks and then try to catch up by spending all weekend working.

Would you like to become the kind of person who knows how to manage your time? 

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.


5. Are you self-disciplined?

Persistence is an important characteristic of successful online learners.  Even though you’d love to go out for the evening with your friends or spend the day at the beach, you know you need to spend an hour or two on your course first.

Would you like to become someone who can describe themself as self-disciplined?  

 Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

 6. Are you a problem solver?

Are you the kind of person who can work through minor setbacks, or are you easily discouraged? Whether it’s finding a definition that is unclear, or reading the instructions, or sorting out a small technical glitch, the most successful online learners have the confidence to try and solve small problems they encounter from time to time.

Would you like to become a problem solver?  

 Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

7. Can you advocate for yourself?

 Perhaps you need extra assistance in writing a persuasive essay or learning how to solve quadratic equations? Perhaps you cannot figure out how to upload an assignment? Successful online learners don’t hesitate to contact their teachers when they need some extra help. They know their teachers are available to provide explanations, guidance, and tutoring.

Would you like to become the kind of person who can ask for help when you need it?   

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.


8. Do you have good reading and writing skills?

Much of the instruction and the communication in an online course is written, so good reading and writing skills are important.

Would you like to develop good reading and writing skills?   

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

9. Do you feel comfortable with basic technology?

You don’t need to be highly tech savvy, but you will need to know how to navigate online, how to upload assignments, and move through courses.

Would you like to feel comfortable with basic technology?   

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.


10. Do you have the time to complete an online course?

This might seem obvious, but it’s worth taking a realistic look at how much time you have in your life. Most courses take about 100 -120 hours to complete and require regular attention. Before signing up, it’s worth ensuring that you can make the time to be successful in an online course.

Would you like to be able to find the time to complete an online course?   

Your DESK teacher can assisst you.

DL or learning online can be a great experience. Our students love the flexibility and choice that DESK courses offer.  If you feel that this kind of learning might be for you, check us out. 

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