Registration Information for Grades 10-12


Thank you for choosing DESK. 

The following is general information:

iPads and cell phones are not recommended for doing DESK courses.  Many courses use ‘FLASH’ which may not run on those devices.

We allow students to register for only a single course initially.  If you need/want more courses please contact  the Academic Adviser and courses can be added as needed.  If the final marks for your course(s) are needed for University or College entrance please be aware it can take 2-3 days to get the marks into the Ministry tracking system.  If you are cross-enrolled your HOME school will need to run their TRAX program to get the final mark added to your transcript.  Please plan accordingly.

If you are a cross enrolled student all courses are free (please note: some may require a refundable deposit – *see list below).  All students are required to have their own email address.  If you need to create one click here.

For many of our courses students will need access to a printer and a scanner.

*The following courses have a required refundable deposit:

English  12 – $100.00,

Law 12 – $100.00,

For payment options please contact :  Deb Van Zanden at:   Phone: 250-505-7002.

If you are a full time DESK student the Ministry of Education requires DESK have proof of residency on file.

Please supply us with copies of two of the following:

A BC Driver’s License number                              A BC CARE card number

A BC Birth Certificate number                                BC Identification

Certificate of Citizenship                                        Court Order

INAC status card                                                     Immigration Canada Document

Passport                                                                  Permanent Resident card

Vital Statistics Documentation

And a photo copy of one bill or statement showing your current physical address.

Any students plagiarising or caught cheating will be removed from the course.  International fees will NOT be refunded for students in this situation.

Please note the agreements that YOU are responsible for and is part of our registration form.  If you cannot abide by them I suggest you go elsewhere for your DL course:



*Signing this form indicates the information is accurate and complete.

*The applicant agrees that all materials received will be kept in good condition and returned on request of DESK. Lost or damaged materials will be subject to replacement costs.

*I understand the student is not officially registered and active until the substantive assignment (Initial Assignment) (5%) is assessed.

*I also understand there is a requirement to submit work on a regular basis If satisfactory progress is not made the student will be deemed inactive and may be withdrawn from DESK. Submitting an entire course over one or two days may also be grounds for withdrawal.

*Any evidence of Plagiarism or forms of cheating will result in withdrawal.  International in this situation will not have course fees refunded.

*I agree to respect DESK’s learning process of submitting authentic work and receiving teacher feedback before starting the next unit or test. Any violation of this may result in withdrawal.


By checking this box you are confirming a digital signature.

Please gather the necessary information prior to filling out the registration form.



-Students will need fill out the registration information and an email is sent to the student telling them their registration has been received.

Any documentation such as course fees(International students-once processed the fees are not refundable) , study permits(International student), proof of residency(any Adult student).  All of the above need verification by DESK staff  PRIOR to having access to any course material(s).

-If everything checks out an email is sent with the user name and password and the link to our host site.  If the information is not verified then the student will need to wait until the required information is supplied (no access to course material- time limit of 21 days).

– When everything is okay the student is required to do the substantive assignment (5% of the learning outcomes) within three weeks.  Their status is ‘Processing’.  If they don’t complete the assignment they are ‘Dropped’.

-When the substantive assignment is completed the student is moved to ‘Active’ status and entered into the Government’s  MyEdBC student tracking system.

– The student then completes the course.  When the course is complete a final mark is entered into the MyEdBC tracking system.

-If the student completes the substantive assignment, gets entered into the MyEdBV tracking system, and then, for some reason, choses to withdraw, there is a waiting period of two Ministry funding windows.  This means that someone who withdrew on October 4th, for example, could not be re-enrolled in the same course with DESK until May 15th.

Any grade 9 student wishing to take a grade 10 course needs to fill out the grade 10 registration form and indicate you are in grade 10.  In order to be able to select a course you need to register as a grade 10 student.