Planning 10 (online) – more info


Grade 10
Health and Career Education
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Planning 10: Writing Your Own Ticket is designed to help students make education decisions, develop their skills in goal setting, planning, assessing information, and explore career and educational opportunities.
The course covers 5 modules and students must complete Module 1 prior to starting any of the remaining modules.
Module 1:    Preparing for Take-Off Understanding the graduation program, exam requirements and graduation transition plan as required by the BC Ministry of Education.
Module 2:    Future Destinations Build career awareness and options.  Learn about yourself and examine future goals.
Module 3:    Ground Work Developing skills in networking and explore the labour market.  Develop a resume, cover letter, learn to fill out applications and work through the interview process.  Address employablility skills, job standards and WCB rules and regulations.
Module 4:    Money, money, money! Money awareness, financial literacy, budgets, taxes and creating a personal financial plan are some of the topics covered in this module.
Module 5:    Alive and Well Personal wellness, nutrition, drugs and alcohol awareness, personal safety – making the right choices are explored as well as healthy relationships.