Math 10 Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus (online)


Grade 10 Math
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 FMPC 10 is an academic course that follows the BC provincial curriculum.

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The course is organized into 4 Modules with a summative test for each module. The unit tests make up 70% of the final grade, 10% is earned by doing the practice quiz corrections, and the final 20% is earned on the Provincial exam.

Course Content:

Module 1 –

Review – Solving Equations

Unit 1 – Real Number System and Radicals

Unit 2 – Measurement

Module 2

Unit 3 – Exponents

Unit 4 – Polynomials

Module 3

Unit 5 – Relations and Functions

Unit 6 – Linear Relations

Module 4

Unit 7 – Linear Systems

Unit 8– Right Angle Trigonometry

Math 10 is an academic online course, so students are expected to have a high speed reliable internet connection and basic computer skills. Students will do all lessons and some practice online. Each unit has one send-in assignment which is done by hand and sent by mail or scanned and emailed. Each of the four module tests are also done by hand. The provincial exam can be scheduled through the counsellor at DESK. Enjoy the course!