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Grade 10
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English 10 now consists of five 2 credit courses.

Students need to do any two of them to get get a full grade 10 credit.

Students may choose from:

ELA 10 NewMedia:

New Media 10 is a program of studies designed to reflect the changing role of technology in today’s society and the increasing importance of digital media in communicating and exchanging ideas. This course is intended to allow students and educators the flexibility to develop a program of study centred on students’ interests, needs, and abilities, while at the same time allowing for a range of local delivery methods.

New Media 10 recognizes that digital literacy is an essential characteristic of the educated citizen. Coursework is aimed at providing students with a set of skills vital for success in an increasingly complex digital world by affording opportunities to demonstrate understanding and communicate ideas through a variety of digital and print media. Compared with New Media 11, New Media 10 emphasizes tasks and texts of less complexity and sophistication.


ELA 10 Spoken Langauge:

Spoken language skills are increasingly necessary in everyday, educational, and professional contexts. Spoken Language 10 provides opportunities for students individually and collaboratively to study, create, and use language to produce original pieces in a variety of modes. The course will provide students with opportunities for performance and public speaking. Spoken Language 10 will appeal to students who enjoy public performance or oral storytelling or who want to gain more experience and skill in this area. This course may be of particular interest to:

  • students with strong verbal communication skills
  • ELL students who want to develop their oral language skills
  • students going into professions in which presentation skills are an asset
  • students who may wish to help maintain oral traditions


ELA 10 Focused Literary Study:

Focused Literary Studies 10 is designed for students who are interested in the literature of a particular era, geographical area, or theme, or
in the study of literature in general. The course allows students to delve more deeply into literature as they explore specific themes,
periods, authors, or areas of the world through literary works in a variety of media. Giving students the choice of a range of literary topics
allows them to follow their passion and at the same time:

• increase their literacy skills through close reading of appropriately challenging texts
• enhance their development of the English Language Arts curricular competencies, both expressive and receptive
• expand their development as educated global citizens
• develop balance and broaden their understanding of themselves and the world
• develop higher-level thinking and learning skills


ELA 10 Creative Writing:

Creative Writing 10 is designed for students who have an interest in creative expression through language. The course provides students with in-depth opportunities to become better writers through the exploration of personal and cultural identities, memories, and stories in a wide range of genres. Within a supportive community of writers, students will collaborate and develop their skills through writing and design processes. This course is intentionally grounded in the exploration and application of writing processes, inviting students to express themselves creatively as they experiment with, reflect on, extend, and refine their writing.


ELA 10 Composition:

Composition 10 is designed for students who have an interest in developing their skills in written communication in a variety of contexts.
The course provides students with opportunities to think critically as they explore, extend, and refine their writing. Within a supportive community of writers, students will work individually and collaboratively to explore and create coherent, purposeful compositions. They will develop their craft through processes of drafting, reflecting, and revising to build a body of work that demonstrates breadth, depth, and evidence of writing for a range of situations. The course provides opportunities for diverse learners to be supported in developing and refining their writing abilities.