Grade 10



Math 10 Apprenticeship & Workplace 

Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 is an online course designed to provide students with the mathematical understandings and critical-thinking skills identified for entry into the majority of trades and for direct entry into the work force. Topics include algebra, geometry, measurement, number, statistics and probability.

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Math 10 Foundations of Math & Pre-Calculus 

Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10 at DESK is an online course which combines engaging, interactive lessons with targeted practice and self assessment. With the help of teachers and peers, students work at their own pace to improve skills and understanding to achieve success.

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Science 10 

Science 10 explores three main areas: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. Students will watch continents shuffle and jostle past each other, volcanoes erupt, oceans widen, and mountains emerge. They will witness the colourful (and sometimes explosive!) magic of chemical reactions. As they follow the movement of energy through the atmosphere, students will predict the weather and discuss the implications of climate change. Their exploration of physics will enable them to describe how a car can go “from 0 km/h to 90 km/h in 6 seconds.” Students will examine the interactions of organisms and their environments and take a virtual tour through the Great Bear Rainforest. Science 10 is designed for self-paced independent learners as well as students in regular classrooms.

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English 10 

English 10 consists of five 2 credit courses.  Students must take any two of them to receive full credits (4) for English 10 completion.

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Social Studies

Social Studies 10 

Social Studies 10 looks at Canadian history from 1815 to 1914.

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Physical Education

Physical Ed 10 

Physical Education 10 is a required area of study for all students covering the topics of Active Living; Movement; Personal and Social Responsibility.

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Health and Career Education

Career Life Education – Combined (4 credits) 

Career Life Education – Combined (4 credits) consists of five components. My Blueprint, Work Experience/ Community Service, Assignments, First People Principles of Learning, and the Competencies: Communication, Thinking, and Personal and Social.

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Home Economics

Family Studies 10 to 12 

ONLINE! The aim of the Family Studies course is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to assist them in making informed decisions related to family and interpersonal relationships.

Family Studies 10, 11 or 12 consists of 2 online modules – Interpersonal and Family Relationships and Families in Society. Each module is worth two credits. You must complete both modules to obtain full credit for either Family Studies 10, 11, or 12. Modules cannot be repeated for additional credit.

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