Grades 8 & 9 C3 Program

DESK Grade 8 and Grade 9



DESK Grade 8 and Grade 9

Full time Distance Learning School Program 2018-2019


What is C3?  C3 stands for Connect, Communicate and Collaborate.   C3 is the name of the Grade 8 and Grade 9 online homeroom, it is also the prefix used to identify the Grade 8 and Grade 9 online DESK Moodle courses.


DESK is a Distance Learning school which means you complete your B.C. Ministry of Education learning program from a distance- usually at home and in your community, or perhaps temporarily away from home on a trip or at your parent’s work location.  DESK (Distance Education School of the Kootenays) is a member of the BC Learning Network (BCLN).

DESK Kindergarten to Grade 9 program is relocating from 811 Stanley Street to Hume Elementary School in July 2018.  The DESK K-9 teachers will be available at Hume School in the office area across from the Hume Library (access off 3rd street).  DESK is in School District # 8 Kootenay Lake and the grade 8 and grade 9 students work during the regular sd8 calendar.   The grade 8 and 9 DESK teacher will be away in Term 4 from March 21 to April 23  2019 and there will not be a teacher replacement.   Student Learning Plans and Parent Home Facilitators resources will be adapted to accommodate the teacher absence. 


To be a DESK student, you must be a BC resident.


What do DESK courses look like? All DESK grade 8 and Grade 9 courses are delivered online via the DESK Moodle platform.

There are tests in the DESK courses, some tests are on paper, some are computer marked tests and quizzes.


Student Learning Plan:  A term 1 student-learning plan is provided as part of the registration.  The student learning plan outlines the work you will need to complete, by subject and due date.  The second term student-learning plan will be distributed at the end of term 1.   The semester 2 student learning plans (term 3 and 4) are distributed at the beginning of the second semester. Term 1: September to mid November, Term 2: mid November to end January, Term 3:  end January to early March and term 4: early March to end June.

Students are responsible for completing the assignments, projects and tests and meeting the due dates on their student-learning plan.


Material, computer and software requirements: You need high speed internet access preferably on a laptop or tablet (not an ipad).  You need a printer/scanner that scans multiple page documents to a single pdf file.  You will need to print off course learning guides and assignments to complete with pencil/pen then scan, save and submit to the Moodle drobox.


For more information or to request a Registration Package:
Call Janet Stephenson (250) 505-7025
or call Toll Free 1800-663-4614 or (250) 354-4311


C 3   Connect, Communicate, Collaborate

DESK will accept grade 8 and 9 cross enrolled students that reside in School District #8 on referral from their SD8 school counsellor or administrator.