Grade 4

The Grade 4 Program is made up of thematic units called modules that cover all subject areas except Mathematics, which is a separate program. There are 6 core modules. Each unit includes a module guide for the parent outlining each day of learning. A variety of resources relating to the theme in each module are provided. These include textbooks, storybooks, non-fiction books, on-line resources, DVDs and CDs.

Module 1—Say Hello
In this beginning module, the student is introduced to the format and expectations of this and following modules. The theme of the module is the child, his or her body, friendships, and family. The novel The War with Grandpa is included in this module.

Module 2—Look Around
The theme of this module is the interdependence of plants, animals, and people. Students learn about weather, the water cycle, habitats, and food chains. Throughout the module they see how all living things are connected.

Module 3 – Tales and Traditions of the Northwest Coast.  You will learn how the First Nations people fished, hunted, travelled and gathered what they needed for shelter and clothing.

Module 4 – Whatever the Weather – This module has a strong science focus, where you will measure and predict the weather, learn what causes different weather, and read a variety of stories that involve weather.  While you explore visual, non-fiction and fiction texts, you will also work on becoming an expert writer and speaker.

Module 5 – Canadian Adventures – In this module you will learn about the Aboriginal peoples of Canada’s northern territories and eastern regions.  You will learn about and compare the homes, hunting methods, tools, food, clothing and transportation of at least three First Nations groups.  You will also learn about the elements of an adventure story.  As you become familiar with these elements, you will use them to write an amazing, exciting adventure story of your very own.



Module 6-Sound and Light
The Sound & Light module explores the sources of sound and light and different characteristics that define these two forms of energy. Key concepts around are highlighted through the exploration of sources of sound and light, how they travel, and how they are controlled. The module provides lessons with specific directions to readings in the main textbook and online resources.


Grade 4 Mathematics:  Math Focus