Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I enroll online in a course?

You will receive your login information in an email within 48 hours (usually minutes). You have three weeks to complete the substantive assignment; once that assignment has been marked and the teacher has provided feedback, and all fees paid (if required), you are officially enrolled in the course.

What skills do I need to do a Distributed Learning course?  (Click here)

Where can I get a copy of my transcript?

Ministry Transcript requests need to made through the Ministry of Education or through DESK Secretary Deb Van Zanden (

How long do I have to complete a course?

One year from activation.

If I’m attending another school and taking courses through DESK, how do I get my marks and report card?

Your school of record (the one you are attending) will receive a fax or email from us indicating that you have enrolled in a DESK course. Your school can request marks at report card time or have ‘viewer’ access to your course and monitor your progress. DESK sends report cards four times/year.  Desk puts your marks into MyEducationBC.  Your school submits all marks to the Ministry of Education by way of their TRAX program and it shows up on your transcript.

What happens if I copy assignments and am caught cheating?

Any students plagiarising or caught cheating will be subject to the following:


This will be resolved between the student and the teacher and it will be an opportunity to educate and inform students.  Administration and parents/guardians (for school age students) will be notified and the student will be assigned a zero (0) for the assignment/test.  (For significant offences, the teacher may, at their discretion, bypass this step and take the student directly to the 2nd Offence consequences.


Students will be referred to administration and suspended from their course.  They will be required to do a read and respond plagiarism /cheating assignment.  The student will only be allowed back into his/her course once the assignment has been completed to the satisfaction of administration.  Parents/guardians (for school aged students) will be notified and informed if there are any subsequent instances of plagiarism/cheating the student will be suspended from ALL DESK courses.


Suspension from ALL DESK courses.