Our Staff


DESK is home to our wonderful, supportive teachers. All are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the best educational experience for every learner.

Janet Stephenson

Phone: 250-505-7021
Email: desk.jstephenson@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Teacher
Position: Janet works with families with children in Grade 8 and 9.  She also teaches Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 and 11, Accounting 11,  and Social Justice 12,  and First Nations Studies 12

Leslie Swanson

Phone: 250-505-7022
Email: desk.lswanson@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Teacher
Position: Leslie works with families with children in Grades K- 7.

Bruce Hendry

Phone: 250-505-7016
Email: desk.bhendry@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Teacher
Position: Bruce teaches Social Studies 10 and 11, Law 12, Family Management 10-12,  Earth Science 11, and Foods and Nutrition 12,  and Biology 12.

Jackie Arabia

Role:  Teacher
Email: desk.jarabia@sd8.bc.ca
Position: Jackie  teaches Chemistry 11, Chemistry 12,  Science 10, , Foundations of Math and Precalculus 10, Foundations of Math 11, Foundations of Math 12

Adrian Rollins

Phone: 250-505-7018
Email: desk.arollins@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Teacher
Position: Adrian teaches English 10 – 12 and  Planning 10 and PE 10.

Carmen Howe

Role: Summer TTOC (Teacher)
Email: carmen.howe@sd8.bc.ca
Position: Carmen is the summer TTOC for Physics 11, Physics 12, Pre-calculus Math 12, Pre-calculus Math 11 and Calculus 12.


Ron Kilgour

Phone: (250) 505-7011
Role: Vice Principal, Tech support, Special Ed, and Academic Advisor, Teacher
Position: Ron is the Academic Advisor for Grade 10-12 and adult students. He also teaches Grad Transitions and looks after government exams.


 Tamara Malloff

Phone: 250-352-5538
Email:   tmalloff@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Principal
Position: Principal of L.V. Rogers Secondary, DESK, and REACH Alternative program.


Deb Van Zanden

Phone: 250-505-7002
Email: clerical.desk@sd8.bc.ca
Role: Secretary
Position: Deb works with course registrations, completions, and withdrawals; transcripts, budgets, resources, and answering the many questions students and parents have!