Our Services

Program Advising

Advisor Services at DESK guides you through your entire DESK educational experience and works to ensure that things go well. We are here to provide you with information and suggestions regarding:

  • registration,
  • course selection,
  • tracking your progress,
  • course changes, and
  • learning resources.

Please contact Mr. Ron Kilgour, Vice-Principal (rkilgour@sd8.bc.ca) with any questions.

Teachers are your primary contacts who direct and guide you through your courses at DESK. They give guidelines regarding expectations at the beginning of your course, provide you with learning activities, assist you when problems arise related to course content, and let you know how you are doing through assessment and periodic reporting on your progress.

View a complete list of DESK teachers here.

Special Needs 

DESK offers expertise in designing, implementing, and delivering learning programs that meet the unique needs of students with a variety of learning challenges. Each special needs student is fully assessed, with input from the family and various learning professionals taken into consideration. An Individual Education Plan (IEP), based on strengths, is established to offer flexibility with a focus on truly meeting students’ needs.

Assessment services are available to full-time DESK students.



“My family and I love traveling to other countries learning about a new culture, trying different foods and meeting other people.

We have two children of school age, our main concern has always been should we remove them from their classes at school. A friend suggested that I contact DESK and discuss the option of taking my children’s education abroad during our travels. I never knew that this option was available.

The teachers at DESK were wonderful in preparing me with the appropriate education modules to suit each child and their level of competency.  I found that it was important to read the modules prior to leaving the country, as some things are not easy to find overseas (ie. An english dictionary/thesaurus, including items for science projects). If I had any questions, the teachers were just a click away through the website and email.  I wouldn’t consider myself an education instructor, however DESK made me feel confident that I would succeed.

The freedom to travel gave our family quality time together and memories for a lifetime.”

                                                                                   …. C. Pistak (parent)

“Thanks for your help and support this year.  Our boys have done very well at all their studies, and feel good about themselves…They stay fit and healthy and get a phenomenal education, thanks to D.E.S.K.”

….. Linda (parent)