Secondary Programs


Grade 10 is an exciting time. It is the first year of the Graduation program, so it is helpful to think about your course selection in the context of your future goals. You should begin to consider not only your overall career plans, but also the specific courses required for graduation and admittance to post-secondary education. This is your opportunity to begin to make choices about your future. It makes a difference.

NOTE: Students in Grade 10 may take some Grade 9 courses at DESK.

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The grade 11 program is a continuation of the choices you initiated in grade 10, and the second year of the graduation program. Often considered the most challenging year in terms of workload, Grade 11 affords students the opportunity to solidify their choices and further refine a career direction. Specifically, students will need to plan their grade 11 program with consideration of prerequisites for acceptance in to grade 12 courses. For example, if you require Physics 12 for acceptance into an Engineering program, then you will need to register in Physics 11 as part of your grade 11 program.

NOTE: Students in Grade 11 may take some Grade 9 courses at DESK.

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Grade 12 offers students a wide variety of choice to conclude their studies. In the final year of the graduation program, there is an opportunity to polish your portfolio, make adjustments for changing interests, and make educational choices that will help facilitate a smooth transition to your chosen post secondary path.

NOTE: Students in Grade 12 may take some Grade 9 courses at DESK.

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